The city of mosques

Wander through the largest city in Bangladesh and gain an insight into the raw and emotive heart of the country. Wherever you turn, you'll see beautiful mosques, with remnants of its glorious Mughal heritage still found all around the city. One spot that's definitely worth a visit is the Lalbagh Fort, another relic from the Mughal days. Within this site you'll find three domed mosques along with glorious architecture.

After a day in this bustling city, visit the Baldha gardens for a calming stroll and enjoy its wide collection of exotic plants. End your day on a sweet note with some local delicacies like the ‘gulab jamun ans mawa’ sweets – mouth-watering bite-sized cheese-balls that are dipped in syrup. Give the seafood a try too as they are scrumptious, especially the smoked hilsa, fresh bhektu and chingri malaikari. For some souvenirs of your trip, head down to Banga Bazaar, where small stores throng the street offering plenty of affordable wares.